TRADINFO aviakom is a subsidiary company of TRADINFO group dedicated to provide support to airlines at the most important airports of Spain, having its headquarters inBarcelona - El Prat (BCN - LEBL).

According to the strict controls of IATA, AENA and the State Aviation Safety Agency (AEASA), TRADINFOaviakom offers a great deal of representation and assistance services specially designed for airlines:

  • Handling Supervision: Check-in and Pasenger BoardingSupervision, tournarround while the plane i son ground and Flight Dispatching.
  • Station Management and Administration: Slots Control, Flight Plans, Ground Operations and Irregularities Support (delays, overbookings, cancellations). Control of the on board documentation. Statistics and Reporting.
  • Quality: Measurement and Quality Control.
  • Carga Aérea: Cargo Operations Supervision and documental management.
  • Ticketing / General Sales Agent: Excess Baggage and ticketing.
  • Safety / Security: Airport Security/Safety Procedures Control.
  • Airport Representation: Company´s Represenatation, Airport´s Operations Comitee Representation, liason with the local authorities.
  • Others

Our staff is highly qualified and has a great experience in the airline industry, concretly in companies from theCentral and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, among others).

TRADINFO aviakom is able to adapt your needs to the local and specific particularities of the market.

As an added value, we provide technical and legal translations to adapt the airline´s rules to the local regulations.


Tradinfo Aviakom 
Pça.Constitució, 14 TRADINFO OFFICES 
                                                                 08690 - Sta.Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona). Spain                                                                              
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